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Over the Edge Upstate
Friday, April 13 
AC Hotel Spartanburg | Level 10
225 W. Main St. | Downtown Spartanburg  

Cancer Association Event to Go Over the Edge of AC Hotel Spartanburg

SPARTANBURG SC (MONTH DAY 2018) -- The Cancer Association of Spartanburg & Cherokee Counties Inc. has announced a new fundraiser -- Over The Edge Upstate – slated for Friday, April 13, at AC Hotel Spartanburg.

This exciting event gives participants the opportunity to rappel more than 100 feet down the side of the new AC Hotel in downtown Spartanburg to raise money for the Cancer Association of Spartanburg & Cherokee Counties Inc. The first 100 registrants to raise at least $1,000 secure their spot on the ropes. The goal is to raise more than $150,000 to help provide much needed services to local cancer patients in our community.

“We admire the Cancer Association’s commitment to go to any length – or any height! – to raise money to support local cancer patients,” says Alyssa Stroup, General Manager of AC Hotel Spartanburg. “So we’re happy to provide our 10-story hotel as a venue for Over the Edge-Upstate, which gives brave fundraisers the opportunity to rappel from the Level 10 rooftop restaurant down to the patio.” 

“We believe in this organization and the people that are behind it. We are honored to be a part of their effort of caring, nurturing and giving to men and women that are impacted by the effects of cancer. If it takes people rapelling off of the side of Level 10 to raise money and awareness, I’m all for it and look forward to seeing the impact we can all make together,” says Michael Ivey, Owner Rick Erwin Dining Group.

The Cancer Association of Spartanburg & Cherokee Counties Inc. provides free services to currently diagnosed cancer patients in Spartanburg and Cherokee counties, including: nutritional supplements, wigs, counseling, bras and breast prostheses, medical equipment supplies, and gifts-in-kind. For more information, visit www.CancerAssociation.org or contact Glaydeane S. Lee, Executive Director at 864-582-0771 or glee@cancerassociation.org.  Sign up to go over the edge at https://give.classy.org/overtheedgeupstate 

Over The Edge is a special events company that provides signature events for non-profit organizations around the world. Business leaders and community members are invited to raise donations in exchange for the experience of going over the edge of a prominent building. This unique event raises thousands of dollars and provides participants with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Over The Edge is responsible for all technical aspects of the event including the insurance, professional staff and rappelling equipment. Over The Edge’s mission is to create a legacy with a 10-year goal to help non-profit organizations throughout North America raise $50 million dollars.