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Since 1967, the Cancer Association has been helping to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families in our communities. When someone is first diagnosed with cancer, the patient and the family must face tremendous challenges surrounding the treatment and recovery. Oftentimes, their entire life is turned upside down in the course of just one day as they struggle to come to terms with the diagnosis and what it means for their health, their family, their work, their financial situation and an uncertain future.
Fortunately, the Cancer Association is ready with assistance for these patients. Through our diverse range of services—from providing nutritional supplements and wigs to the loan of much needed hospital equipment to assisting with treatment transportation and cancer medication costs - we can help families face cancer with caring support along the entire way.

Note from Executive Director

Dear Friends,

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” – Robert Schuller

Never has this adage been more applicable. We have all been through tough times this year - from ever-rising unemployment numbers to overwhelming childcare and homeschooling demands to nonprofits having to cancel or postpone much needed fund-raising, all happening when those most in need are suffering even more.

This is where we have been at the Cancer Association. Our Over the Edge Upstate was to be held in October this year but now has been postponed to April 2021. Our largest fundraiser, Dancing with the Spartanburg Stars, has been moved to March 2022.

With all this being said, I am asking you for a donation of any amount to help us to continue to serve those in our community dealing with cancer. We appreciate any amount you can share.

“The difference between stumbling blocks
and stepping stones is how we use them.” – Unknown

Please be our stepping stone to 2021. You can allow us to help our cancer clients through this difficult time. 
I really appreciate anything you can donate.  

You may go to or text Cancer2020 to 41444 to make your donation.  You can also give over the phone at 864-582-0771 or mail your check to: PO Box 1582, Spartanburg, SC  29304.

With Gratitude,
Glaydeane S. Lee
Executive Director 

We provide critical supplies including nutritional supplements, bras & breast prostheses, ostomy & home care supplies, wigs & toiletry items, and loan hospital equipment. We offer gas cards for treatment transportation and financial assistance with medications. We attend wellness fairs and give presentations to community clubs, businesses and churches. We offer free cancer screenings, smoking cessation classes and have an extensive library of literature available for our clients. In addition, we offer emotional support to those who are truly in need.

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McCracken Middle School PE teachers presenting handmade jewelry and tree of hope for our clients

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