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The Cancer Association of Spartanburg & Cherokee Counties, Inc.'s sole purpose is to provide assistance to cancer patients in our community by offering the services listed below at no charge regardless of income level or insurance status.

  • Resident of Spartanburg or Cherokee County 
  • Currently diagnosed with cancer

Examples of Cancer Related Supplies:
  • Nutritional supplements (like Ensure®) 
  • Wigs/hats/turbans (to better serve you, we do not fit wigs after 3:30 pm Mon-Thurs or after 10:30 am Fridays)
  • Mastectomy supplies-bras and breast prostheses (with no or limited insurance coverage)
  • Disposables: diapers/Depends/pads/male guards/gloves/dressings, etc. 
  • Ostomy supplies (with no or limited insurance coverage)
  • Fuel cards (during chemotherapy or radiation only) 
  • Financial assistance with cancer medication 
  • Hospital bed linens 
  • Hospital gowns

Support Services:
  • Library of educational books and brochures 
  • Computer health reference database/internet access 
  • Cancer awareness and prevention materials
  • Counseling with a licensed therapist - for patient and/or family members

Examples of Equipment for Home Use:
  • Wheelchairs and transport chairs 
  • Walkers and canes 
  • Bedside commodes 
  • Overbed tables 
  • Shower seats/benches

Public Education:
  • Educational talks 
  • Wellness fairs 
  • Speaking engagements 
  • Literature 

295 E Main St. Suite 100
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